Wimberley Writer’s Werkshops

All Wimberley Writer’s Werkshops  build on a student’s desire to write a novel.  Students are introduced to the basic structure of ‘the novel,’ to fiction writing business, to fiction career strategies and to digital technologies useful for authors.

Classes are offered through the University of Texas – Austin, Informal Classes.

Students bring a novel-in-progress and participate in workshops that focus on:

  • Commercial Genres
  • Story structure
    • Three Acts
    • Hero’s Journey
    • Snyder’s Beat Sheet
  • Character ARC
  • Scene structure
  • Understanding deep structure in blockbuster novels and films

In the advanced workshops, students read each other’s work and provide feedback on plot-points, story beats, and act structure.

Check out upcoming Workshops.

Kickstart Your Stalled Novel !!

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  1. Hi Emily. Under your comments about Obsession the word “heroin” should probably be “heroine.” Love the web site.



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