Building a Plot

heros_journey4_8462In this class you will learn one of the craft techniques: how to create and structure the PLOT. Writers since the Golden Age of the Greeks have been discussing how to plot a story. This class covers the concepts and details of The Hero’s Journey plot structure as well as the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet plot structure. We will also touch on software that serves writers by offering various plot structures ready-made.

Date:                      July 12-26, 2015
Time:                     Sunday afternoon, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Place:                    UT-Austin Continuing & Innovative Education
Price:                    $60
Requirement:   Bring $10 to the first class for a package of materials

 Course Outline

Week One: Introduction to plot concepts

  • Overview of ‘craft’ in elements of the novel.
  • Choosing novel writers software as an aid to plot structure.

Week Two: The Hero’s Journey

  • Detailed presentation of the Hero’s Journey as a platform for plot.

Week Three: Beat Sheets

  • Detailed presentation of Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat beat sheet as a platform for plot.

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