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Beginner’s Writers Workshop

This class is for beginning novel writers who want to understand the workshop process. The process involves students submitting excerpts of their novel-in-progress to the workshop participants for review, comment and critique. The class will include a short lecture followed by a question and answer session. Students who have a work in progress may bring pages for review to the second and third class. Weekly topics will include:
1) How to critique novels-in-progress, the etiquette of giving and receiving feedback on your novel-in-progress,

2) Examples of formatting typescript pages to industry standards for submitting manuscripts to readers, agents and editors;

3) Understanding commercial fiction genres and why they drive the book market.

Date:   Sept 13 – 27
Sunday Afternoons, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
UT-Austin Continuing Education
Price:  $59
Requirements:     Bring $10 to the first class for your:
                                       – workshop materials
Students are expected to print out copies of their work, at their own expense, and bring them to class.

Come spend Sunday afternoons with a group of like-minded writers and start that novel you have been dreaming about.

Make the Dream Real!

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