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Plot, the backbone of your story.

Plot, the backbone of your story.

In this Workshop Intensive, you will write SCENES from your novel in progress, print out a copy and bring it to class to share with a reading partner.  After reading the excerpt in class, you will share your  responses with each other.

If it serves your writing process, you can share your work with the class and receive group feedback.

Bring your creative imagination to this 8-week Writer’s Studio Workshop.  You experience the Writing Life by working on your own novel rather than undertaking classroom writing exercises assigned by a teacher.

Scenes are the building blocks of novels.  For that reason, you are encouraged to craft a ‘scene’ each week, so that by the end of the workshop you might have at least eight scenes from your novel-in-progress already drafted.  Or, you may choose to work on one or two scenes so you can spend the weeks revising and rewriting them based on feedback from other students.

Each week you get a new feedback partner as a way of discovering many points-of-view on your work.  Instruction is given in the best practices for real-world feedback so reader comments serve to promote growth and confidence in your ability to shape your story.

The class focuses on commercial genre fiction as opposed to literary fiction and is a safe place to begin your  novel or to unveil a budding novel-in-progress. And since scenes crafted for either novels or film depend on the same internal dynamic, and because it is faster to view a film than to read a book, the class uses case studies from film and TV.

This Writer’s Studio Workshop provides an Experience of the Writing Life and provides short lectures on Elements of the Novel.

Date:    Feb. 28 to April 24 [skipping Easter Sunday]
Time:   Sunday Afternoons, 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Place:   UT-Austin Continuing Education
Price: $125
Requirements:     Bring $20 to the first class for your:
                                       – NOVELIST WORKBOOK
Students are expected to print out copies of their work, at their own expense, and bring them to class.

Writing Process

Come spend Sunday afternoons with a group of like-minded writers and start something new or to pick up that novel you put down and somehow never got back to.


  • How to workshop your novel
  • Planning you novel
  • Understanding commercial genre fiction
  • Writing scenes & sequels
  • Creating characters
  • Understanding Archetype characters
  • Story beats and dramatic structure
  • Writing a specific description of your novel

Kickstart that stalled novel…

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